WSE Shade-Smart Series PV

When shades are casted on some of the PV panels of a PV system at some points of time during the day, the shades will impact the power generation performance of the entire system (traditional central inverter system). If it happens to your roof, there is no problem. The Shade-Smart Tech Series utilizes micro inverters to smartly control individual PV panels to allow the PV panels with no shades casted to continue to generate power.

•Every Solar system we sell is engineered for maximum Return On Investment.

•We Use only the best products, from panels to inverters to racking straight through to our balance of system including combiner boxes and wiring.

•Our System is Guaranteed for an industry leading 20 years and our panels for 25 years.

•3 year installation warranty.

•Web-based performance monitoring application with 3 year's subscription included.

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